Benefits and Side Effects of Anadrol

Anadrol – The Unbeatable Anabolic Steroid

When anabolic steroids are discussed the highly respected Anadrol will invariably be mentioned, Anadrol is a powerful anabolic steroid that has been used by men and women for decades and offers several benefits. In this article, I will discuss the benefits and side effects of Anadrol.

What is Anadrol?

Anadrol is also known as Oxymetholone, in the bodybuilding world it may be called A-Bombs or A50. Anadrol was originally produced by pharmaceutical companies to help people who suffered from anemia.

Benefits and Side Effects of Anadrol - Lin Mei

After Anadrol’s initial introduction doctors found other uses for Anadrol that included treating people who suffered from an illness that caused extreme weight loss. Anadrol has been used to increase appetite, gain strength and promote more red blood cells.

Most anabolic steroids are created for a medical purpose but later seem to fall into the hands of the bodybuilding community, especially if it shows promise for increasing gains in the gym.

Like anything, too much of a good thing can have side effects. Bodybuilders take Anadrol to help increase strength, Taking Anadrol can double strength, besides gaining strength clinical studies prove that Anadrol works fast to help increase lean and dense muscle mass but it does have side effects that should take into consideration before taking Anadrol.

While the side effects from taking anadrol will vary from one person to another some of the most common isde effects include:

  • Liver damage
  • High blood pressure
  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Headaches

While there are side effects, Anadrol can increase performance in the gym, the effects are most notable during the first few weeks of use and then gradually level off.

Anadrol does exactly what is required in terms of increased muscle and increased strength. This combines to give you increased power and endurance. The benefits of Anadrol 50 will ensure you stand out in terms of physique and a firm and muscular body.

Muscle mass and bulk

Weightlifters, bodybuilders, athletes and those who train hard want muscle mass and bulk in huge quantities. Oxymetholone is a form of the male hormone testosterone, indeed it is actually a precursor of testosterone and works effectively when it comes to helping you to build up muscle mass and bulk.


Anabolic steroids do exactly that, and in many peoples eyes, Anadrol does it more effectively than other steroids in its classification. By preventing this cell breakdown process it works to continuously build up muscle cells.

Benefits of Aanadrol

Anadrol seems to work faster than other anabolic steroids in its range at delivering the results you are looking for.

Anadrol helps boost protein synthesis allowing your muscle cells to grow more effectively. It will improve the circulation of blood throughout your body and effectively speeds up glycogenolysis.

This is the process which gives you more stamina and endurance while you train. These benefits will mean that you are working out more effectively, lifting heavier weights and getting stronger as you push yourself for longer. Other benefits of Anadrol include:

  • Effects for bulking are immediate
  • Increase protein synthesis
  • Increase red blood cell count
  • Increase appetite
  • Anadrol works well when stacked with Anavar for cutting

Anadrol should not be cycled for more than 3 weeks

When you begin taking Anadrol you will notice the best results within the first 3 weeks, after that, they begin to level off. Becuase of its effect on the liver its best to not exceed that 3 week period.

When you commit to taking Anadrol you must also commit to a healthy lifestyle. keep a good diet, and get plenty of rest. It should not be forgotten that rest and sleep are vital in terms of allowing your muscles time to repair and grow.

After a 3 week cycle, you may want to consider some kind of PCT Post cycle therapy to ensure full recovery and prevent estrogen spokes. Most men do not seem to suffer from increased estrogen levels while others do.

Anadrol is a powerful steroid that should only be used for the quick boost in muscle mass and strength, after a 3-week cycle you should immediately suspend its use if possible and resort to milder substances such as Dbol or testosterone.

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